The Union Française de Nippon Kempo Renmei (UFNKR) can be translate by French Union of Nippon Kempo Renmei. Our target is to develop the Nippon Kempo in France, to respect for, history and traditions of Nippon Kempo and to help member associations.

To fulfill its purpose,UFNKR offers its members :

-Financial aid : The UFNKR offers grants to organizations in order to buy armor and organize tournaments.

-We help the committee member associations to develop their club

-Tailoring communication to the needs of each club (website, flyer…)

-Educational and technical training courses to train instructors.

-The organization of the tournament UFNKR

-Editing documents (book ...) and videos (dvd, video on website…)

-Provide administration form (starter pack formr, administration form…)


The objective is to assist clubs by providing all possible assistance.
And taking leadership of a club can be more manageable for executives.

Beyond helping the clubs, the UFNKR is an organization that aims to develop Nippon Kempo in France.
This development requires the promotion of Nippon Kempo:

-organization of events (tournaments, demos ...)

-creation of websites, videos and posters

-training of future executives UFNKR (instructors, referees, etc ...)

-opening of clubs

-develop public relations

-creation of regulations to govern the UFNKR.

The UFNKR pays particular attention to the success of its objectives and its collective success. Which results by taking into account the skills, expectations and demands of UFNKR executives, partners and students. We are implementing a policy of openness or each individual can contribute to the development of Nippon Kempo while respecting its history and traditions.